This website belongs to Peter Gounder, however, because Peter cannot right now read or write, we (his parents) are managing it for him.  We are hoping that this website becomes his public diary.  One has to be mindful of the content that goes on the world wide web, so this will be a good tool to teach Peter, what one should and should not put on this website. For example, if his preschool teacher has reprimanded him, his website is not the place to vent.  This is a skill that many adults have not learnt, so Peter needs to tread carefully.

This website is also a place where family and friends can view what Peter and his parents are up to. We will also be writing about our experiences parenting, and what our wishes are for Peter as he grows up.

As of today (8th September 2012) Peter is around 4 months. As soon as Peter is able to write himself, we will let him write articles on this website. When we feel he is mature enough (hopefully by the time he is 6) we will give him administration rights to this website. I will take a backup of it, because, chances are he will delete all the content and replace it with his interests.

Please note, that the information we are putting on this website is merely our opinions.  What is considered good parenting by some people is the exact opposite of the opinions of  others. Compounding that is the fact that I like to write controversially. We assume no liability. Furthermore, I need to say that these posts on parenting are merely what my thoughts are on that subject at present. For example, if I write, “spare the rod and spoil the child” it does not mean that that is what we are doing with Peter. I am always changing my positions on various things as I learn more.

Well they say that as soon as you become parents, it is an exponential learning curve.

And our journey has just begun.

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